Why combined the spoon with smiley face?


The type of spoon

It might be an “Apostle Spoon”. From the colour and shapes, it is quite similar with Apostle spoon. Apostle spoon is a type of spoon that is with an image of an apostle as the termination of the handle, and it was especially popular in England. It is usually made of silver.







Smiley face

The slogan is in the readable position and the man direct the eye straight to it.  The face looks very happy and enjoy the drink, which match “cheerful livers”. “Human appeal. However, is another strong force which strikes at the sentiment and nostalgia inherent in some degree in us all.”










It is out of ordinary and funy

It is very unusual. Most of drink advertising simply showed the product on the poster in 1940s. Every element on poster seems to be ordinary. But in this case, the designer combined the spoon with the face, which is very funny and unusual. “One of the most powerful forces which be used in the poster is the unusual…. We seldom take the trouble to look at them. Only when something is out of the ordinary do we take the trouble to look a second time”






Humour & Background

“Humour has many aspects from the downright comic to the delightful whimsy: thus its use for conveying a message is invaluable…Humous has the power to appeal to all walks of life, rich and poor and young and old like.”

”During some of the most trying times of the last war, when men were constantly under great strain it was the ability to appreciate amusing things which helped them to carried on”