Eno’s Fruit Salt

“Invented in the 1850s by James Crossley Eno of Newcastle, the Fruit Salt sold like hotcakes to sailors looking for something to keep them healthy on long journeys. It contains sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sodium carbonate, but in 1906 the Pharmaceutische Centralhalle für Deutschland analysed it as 50% sodium bicarbonate, 15% sodium bitartrate and 35% free tartaric acid…. ENO’S “FRUIT SALT” is peculiarly adapted for any constitutional weakness of the liver; it possesses the power of reparation when digestion has been disturbed or lost, and places the invalid on the right track to health.”

“Eno’s Fruit Saline, as a drink, both refreshes and invigorates. It gives immediate relief in such monitory symptoms as heartburn, sourness of stomach, or light headaches, but its sa­lutary power goes much deeper.”


zz-eno-fruit-salt-vintage-medicinal-bottle-with-original-label-canadian-c.1940s-sold-[3]-441-p             zz-eno-fruit-salt-vintage-medicinal-bottle-with-original-label-canadian-c.1940s-sold-[4]-441-p            zz-eno-fruit-salt-vintage-medicinal-bottle-with-original-label-canadian-c.1940s-sold-441-p

 c.1940s bottle of Eno’s Fruit Salt.   [Measures approximately 12.8 x 6.4 x 3.2cm (5.05 x 2.5 x 1.25in)]